Meeting the Extreme Demands of the Agriculture Industry.


Every farm is unique – acreage, crop, livestock, terrain, climate, soil composition – but the equipment that work the lands must endure many of the same challenges:

  • Mud, Sand, Dust, Dirt
  • Extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Harsh chemical exposure
  • High temperature, faster running equipment
  • Long periods of inactivity as well as intense periods of run time

These challenges drive our focus for reliable real-life solutions. If a seal fails, so will the components, and eventually the application. There can be no second-guessing the quality and integrity of the equipment’s sealing system.

Based on decades of experience in agricultural machinery field, Alfa Seal has greatly changed the disadvantages of sealing failure of hydraulic system caused by easy abrasion of traditional seal, and constantly improved the raw material formula and test conditions to raise the fatigue resistance of seal. In addition to the high-quality seal products, the sealing solutions we provide also benefit our customers, thus establishing the excellent reputation of Ailate brand in the field of agricultural machinery.

The application of Agriculture includes:

  • Seeder, harvester, tractor, dump truck, etc.
  • Pressing machine, chopper, etc.
  • Irrigation machine, sprayer, etc.
  • Many other agricultural machinery and equipment

Agricultural equipment operates in environments where dirt and dust are constant factors.

Sealing solutions must be effective and robust to withstand these harsh conditions, keeping external media out and lubricants in, as well as ensuring the best machine performance.

Scroll down to explore different application areas within a tractor.


Power Train

The power train is formed of the tractor’s engine, which generates power and delivers it to the drivetrain.

Engines can have a variety of configurations and sealing solutions are designed to meet the unique requirements of each application. Rotary seals keep oil and grease within the system, while static seals and custom-molded parts prevent ingress of dirt and debris.

Drivetrain components perform a vital function, transferring power from the engine to the wheels. Heavy-duty rotary seals, engineered-molded parts and high-performance static seals, keep the tractor operating efficiently. They prevent contamination by mud, dirt and water, protecting components from abrasion and keeping lubricants inside the system.

  • Engines
  • Emission Controls
  • Fuel System
  • Fan Drives
  • Front & Rare Axles
  • Clutch
  • Gear Box
  • Transmission

Within hydraulic and pneumatic systems, cylinders and actuators play a critical part. It’s important that sealing systems within them help achieve maximum performance, over a long operating cycle without leakage.

  • Steering Cylinder
  • Linear actuator in seeding equipment
  • Lift actuator on garden tractor

Valves & Pumps

Pumps are in place to generate flow in hydraulic systems, which is then directed and controlled by valves. The resulting force operates the hydraulic components within the tractor itself, as well as any cylinders on the attachments.

To maximize efficiency for the operator, valves and pumps must operate precisely. External media needs to be excluded and time between planned maintenance extended.

  • Directional control valve
  • Pneumatic valve in a tractor
  • Catridge valve
  • Control valve


CTIS (Central Tire Inflation System)

Central Tire Inflation Systems (CTIS) are integrated pressure control systems that allow operators to inflate or deflate tire pressures directly from the cabin of the tractor, with a touch of a button.

The right pressure, according to machine configuration and application, boosts the performance of tires, increasing traction, reducing slippage and rolling resistance, with consequently higher productivity during daily operation, both in the field and on the road.

There are 2 channel types in CTIS. If it is for a 2 channel CTI system, this means the control system has 2 lines, one for inflating/deflating the tire, the other one for switching the valve. 1 channel systems have the valve in the working line integrated. With the help of under pressure the valve opens.

Below is an example of a 2 channel system. For a 2 channel system 4 seals are required. The 2 inner seals have no lubrication therefore it is needed to use a PTFE lip rotary shaft seal.

For 1 channel systems, the rotary shaft seal has dual duty; one is to seal the air on one side and the other duty is to withstand the high pressurised oil on the other side. Therefore, the rotary shaft seals for 1 channel systems is the combine of two seals in one.

A Typical example of rotary shaft seal for one channel CTI system

Implements & Attachments

The implements and attachments on tractors enable them to perform a wide range of functions, from mowing fields and lifting or moving material to sowing seeds, spreading fertilizer and digging holes.

Given the proximity these attachments have to the ground, static and mechanical face seals are vital in keeping dirt and contamination out of the system. Linear and rotary seals allow for the smooth and quiet operation of the hydraulic equipment while preventing leakage into the environment.

  • Dozer blade, bucket and lifting cylinder
  • Power take-off (PTO)
  • Rocker arm shaft
  • High-demand orbital motor
  • Disc harrow:

The position of the PTO and PTO’s drive shaft (B) on a farm tractor and rotary shaft seal (A)

Wheel-End Applications

Cassette Seals

The design of cassette seals has been optimized to provide excellent retention of either grease or oil and maximum protection against liquid or solid contaminants. The seals are made to order to meet the demands of each specific application

Cross section of a standard cassette seal

Cassette seals are widely used in wheel-end applications such as the front and rear axles of, for example:

  • tractors
  • agricultural machinery
  • construction equipment
  • forestry equipment
  • off-highway trucks

Cassette Seals protect the radial bearing in the Wheel-hub of tractors and other off-road agriculture machineries

Cassette Seal in a Wheel-hub

Cassette Seal in a pinion

Combi Seals


 Combi Seals are used where during the shaft rotation there is the combination of an axial displacement.

Combi dust lips remove dirt wiping the shaft surface thanks to the axial stroke of the shaft

Main Features


From low to high protection

Axial displacement allowed

Bidirectional rotation

Main Applications

Propeller shaft for OFF Road applications