With decades of experience in the sealing systems for hydraulic presses, we are focusing on recent advances in elastomers, engineering plastics, manufacturing techniques and on chemistry and tribology for improved productivity.

We offer sealing solutions for diverse applications of hydraulic presses.

Hydraulic presses utilize one or more hydraulic cylinders to generate compressive forces. These include lift, mold, and pressure intensifier hydraulic cylinders.

Seals are essential to keeping a constant pressure throughout the closed system and must withstand extreme pressures

Type of Presses

Metal Working (Hot)

Bending presses

Extrusion presses

Die Forming presses

Metal Working (Cold)

Forging presses

Forging hammers

Trimming, bending and straightening presses

Scrap Processing

Scrap shears

Scrap bailing presses

Other Types of presses

Curing and tire presses

Chip board and veneer presses in the timber industry

Brick and ceramic presses

Presses for the shoe industry

Particular Stresses for Seals and Sealing Systems

  1. Large diameters with large Sealing gaps (extrusion)
  2. Very often radial diatation/expension of the cylinder tube at pressure peaks and consequently large Sealing gaps.
  3. Predominately hostile enviroment (dirt, high temperatures, etc.)
  4. High fidelity and long life time requested.
  5. Easy fitting of spare parts
  6. Very often the metal counter gaces are worn (scores, scratches, etc.)

Working Conditions

  • Pressure from 35 Bar to over 700 Bar (500 psi up to 10.000 psi)
  • Temperature – 30 up to + 200 ˚C (radiant heat)
  • Low and high speed.
  • Short and long strokes.
  • Wide range of hydraulic media applied.Şekil