Steel and Mill Industry


In the industrial world, downtime is not an option, Especially in the metal processing industry… 

Alfa Sealing is capable of offering a suite of innovative sealing solutions to keep your steel processing operations running efficiently under virtually any conditions – resisting extreme pressures, temperatures and aggressive chemical media. 

Sealing Solutions in The Field Of Steel Industry

There are lots of different sealing  elements, subjected different parameters used in various parts of the whole process. 

  • High Circumferential Speed 
  • High Pressure 
  • High Temperature 
  • Shaft misalignment 
  • Different Media structure. Ex: Grease, mineral or synthetic base  lubrication oil  etc. 
  • Contamination of the lubricant. 


ASG thus understands these needs which come across during selecting appropriate seals & elastomers. 

Thus offers standard and customised seals for rotating & reciprocating applications. 


Typical appications in terms of sealing : 

 Supprt Rolling Mill Bearings> Rotary movement 

Automtaic Gauge Control Cylinders>Reciprocating movement 

Bending Cylinders>Reciprocating movement 

Balancing Cylinders>Reciprocating movement 

Continuous Casting Segment Cylinders>Reciprocating movement 

Shear Cylinders>Reciprocating movement 

Back Up Rolls> Rotary movement 

Work Rolls> Rotary movement 

Roof lifting Cylinder>Reciprocating movement 


Hydraulic Automtaic Gaugue Cylinders (HAGC) >Reciprocating movement 

Segment Cylinders at Strand Guide  >Reciprocating movement 

Rotary Distributors (Ladle Turrets)> Rotary movement 

Electrode Regulating Cylinder (EAF)>Reciprocating movement 


Premium Materials

 In the steel industry, product solutions have to be durable and capable of delivering consistent long term performance. Mineral oil based hydraulic fluids are often replaced with more aggressive fire resistant micro emulsions, adding a layer of complexity to material and seal specifications. ASG has a proven track record for offering premium materials and unique product design solutions, specified to the duty they have to perform. 

Technical support 




 ASG has the expertise to provide a custom solution to fit any industrial sealing requirement perfectly, from precision  

O-rings  to complex assemblies. Many of the solutions we have engineered for customers are so innovative and successful. 


How can we help? 



Contact our industrial sealing experts to share your requirements and application details.